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December 2018

A Remembrance with a family in the bungee jump case
Kassel McVey wins $1.5 million settlement in blood thinner case
The View from Here: Dates and Milestones!

December 2016

Manufacturer failed to install safeguard on production machine
Kassel McVey wins $14 million verdict in asbestos cancer case
The View from Here: Happy Holidays!

June 2014

Nursing home fall results in verdict for family
The View from Here: A Giant of Civil Rights
Robotic surgery case results in settlement

January 2014

Kassel McVey wins $38m jury award in asbestos case
The View from Here: Getting the tone right
Surgeon faulted in total knee replacement

June 2010

Holding nursing homes accountable
Yielding to pedestrians using a sidewalk

June 2009

Overcoming a technical defense to achieve justice
A successful tale of Medicaid lien reduction
Liability for an open storm drain

October 2008

A case of bad communication
Liability for a defective pasta shipping carton machine
Outcomes of two medical malpractice cases 

February 2008 

Injuries result from a pontoon boat hazard
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Awards & Memberships

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