$2,900,000 Catastrophic Car Wreck Case

The Stop Sign Case

Most of us rely on insurance to cover our expenses when we get involved in a car accident. But sometimes, in particularly disastrous accidents, the expenses can go much higher than the available coverage. In South Carolina, for example, the minimum liability insurance coverage is $25,000, and no doubt many drivers out there carry only this minimum coverage. So what do you do if your car crash injuries cost you more than what the insurer will pay?

One of your options is to see if the at-fault party can provide you compensation on top of the available insurance. This is what our team at Kassel McVey accomplished for a particular client.

Our client here was a woman who suffered severe injuries in a motor vehicle accident in Hartsville. The accident was caused by a negligent driver who blew through a stop sign at an intersection with a 55 mile-per-hour roadway. The vehicle crash impact was so extensive that the woman received extremely serious injuries to her shoulder and legs, and she had to undergo major abdominal surgery.

In light of her extensive suffering, our team fought hard to achieve full compensation for her. We effectively obtained a settlement of $2,900,000. This was paid through insurance proceeds plus personal funds from the at-fault driver.

We were able to obtain this compensation because the driver had enough funds to make it possible. However, this is not always the case in accidents. In cases where the insurance policy and the driver’s own funds cannot sufficiently pay the damages, we seek to employ other options, such as:

  • Underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage. This is a type of insurance you can get from your own provider to cover your expenses when you are harmed by an underinsured driver. In other words, if the driver who injured you has insufficient insurance, your own UIM coverage should work to cover the rest.
  • Other potential defendants. Perhaps there is more than one at-fault party in your accident. For instance, the driver may have been using a defective company vehicle for his job. Or he may have been ‘overserved’ alcohol at a party. There are many ways that other people or entities can contribute to an accident. A competent auto accident lawyer should be able to help you identify these other liable parties and obtain fair compensation from them.

After an accident, it is additionally distressing and confusing to figure out how you can be fully paid. Let an accident attorney help you determine your options and fight for the full compensation you deserve.

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